A special program on Creative Science & Astronomical Lecture-cum-Demonstration

In recent years, the modern society of world has witnessed great wonderings in space related events. A good number of scientific facts, astrophysical phenomenon as well as new bodies are coming to the vision of knowledge. With a mission to get familiar to the universe, we, CIT, Kokrajhar with special assistance with of Dr. Manasi Buzar Baruah, Assistant Professor Basic Science (Physics), CIT, Kokrajhar organized a special program on Creative Science & Astronomical Lecture-cum-Demonstration along with Day/Night Sky Gazing & Planet Observation for the students of CIT. The program was held on 28/09/2016 in the CIT Campus under joint association of Pragjyotish Amateur Astronomers’ Association (PRAG) and the Guwahati Planetarium (GP), funded by Science Technology Department, Govt. of Assam.
On that day we were happy to welcome Mr. Manash Sharma, member of PRAG, and our CIT students spent a quality time with him. Mr. Sharma was the coordinator of the special program and he carried the program as :

Indoor Programs:

1)     Special Documentary on the “Hubble Space Telescope”.
2)     Interactive Presentation on “The Structure of the Universe”.
3)     A Popular Discussion Session on various “General Astronomical Topics”.

Outdoor Programs:

Sky Observation (through Telescope):

1)   Observation of the Planets Venus, Mars and Saturn.
2)   Observation of the Milky Way.
3)    Observation of various Stars & Constellations like the Pole Star, the Cassiopeia Constellation, the Andromeda & Pegasus Constellation, the Orion Constellation, the Cygnus Constellation, the Sagittarius Constellation etc. 
At the end of the program, Mr. Sharma gave us the ‘Vigyan Prasar Science Activity Kit’ for further motivation.


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