Magnetic Property of Rutile Ti0.94A0.06O2 (A=Li, Mg, K) Compounds

Abstract: Our purpose is to study role of ionic radii of non-magnetic dopants; Li+ (0.68 Å), Mg2+ (0.72 Å) and K+ (1.38 Å) on the magnetic property of rutile TiO2 compound. The Ti0.94A0.06O2 (A=Li, Mg, K) compounds have been synthesized via solid state route method at equilibrium. The structural analyses of X-ray diffraction pattern reveals that the doping of Li and Mg lead to Ti site substitution and K doping lead to core shell kind of structure. The magnetic property measurement by SQUID magnetometer indicate that all compounds exhibit weak paramagnetism with highest paramagnetic moment of ~ 0.3 µB / ion for K doped compound but no long-range ferromagnetic ordering. We have discussed the observed magnetism in correlation with the nature of substitution.

S. K. Srivastava1, M. Brahma1, B. Brahma1 and G. Bouzerar2
1.  Department of Physics, Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar, Assam, India
2.   Institut Néel, CNRS Grenoble and Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France


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